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Iowa Division
Bruce Peterson, Commander

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The Iowa Division continues to grow and make its presence known throughout Iowa. Recognition in a northern state continues to be a challenge and education of the public as well as the traditional school system is an on-going priority.

We are always vigilant for chances to fill the huge void left by the traditional education systems, when it comes to the Southern Confederacy and the War for Southern Independence. In 2015 we successfully weathered the battle flag controversy. Our website received thousands of views from more than 71 countries around the world with some visits lasting as long as four hours. Adjutant Sherman Lundy, represented the Sons of Confederate Veterans on a local Cedar Rapids, Iowa news channel in a debate regarding the battle flag on a weekly program entitled Ethical Perspectives on the News. Additionally, Camp Commander Owen Golay represented three confederates in a July fourth parade and spoke at a local TEA party meeting regarding his perspective and his right to fly and use the battle flag when honoring Confederate Veterans.

The Iowa Division holds two annual meetings. The first meeting is held in the spring, after the Rock Island Memorial Day Services. Every year we honor the memory of approximately 2,000 Confederate soldiers who died as Prisoners of War at the Rock Island Prison Camp. They were buried far from their homelands in the South but we work diligently to ensure they are never forgotten. Each year, we are honored to have family members attend this ceremony. Scotts Battery. provides a cannon echo to the rifle salute. In 2015, we lost a dear friend and reenactor, Betsy Crystal, who had always provided our music for this service. In 2016, we were honored to have Commander in Chief Charles Kelly Barrow as our keynote speaker. This was one of our most moving ceremonies. The Confederate Orphan Kentucky Band assumed Betsy Crystal's place and provided music for the services. Commander Barrow shared his vision for the future of the organization and his perspective on the ongoing legal battles surrounding our flag and monuments. His leadership and dedication to the organization is greatly appreciated by those of us in smaller Divisions where our resources are many times limited.

Our second meeting was held in the fall in Newton, Iowa where Compatriot Rusty Corder provided a presentation on The Great Davis County Raid, the only battle of the war to take place on Iowa soil. We had the best attendance the division has had in its history at this meeting and were able to discuss at length the Division's plans to defend its heritage mission.

The annual Lee- Jackson dinner, was also held in Newton, Iowa. This function in Iowa is held for the education of our members and to remember our great leaders and does not include a business meeting due to the weather and travel restrictions on the membership. Iowa in January typically has well below zero temperatures with icy and snowy roads and extremely difficult travel conditions.

Due to the wide territory and the many miles required by our members to travel for meetings, the Division encourages its members to work on Camp and individual projects throughout the year. Division members have taken part in multiple school programs and public education programs covering uniforms and weapons, the true causes of the war, battle flag'history and preservation as well as a wide range of other topics. In addition to school programs, members work with Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Boy Scouts Troops, VFW and American Legion posts and churches.

Lt. Division Commander Charles Lott presented the SCV H. L. Hunley award to Waterloo West High School Junior ROTC Cadet Jeff Billington at the West High School Military Ball in May.

Compatriot, and Division Adjutant, Herman Johnson has always put forth a herculean effort in identifying Confederate graves in Iowa over the years. Not only does he put in countless hours of research and verification for Iowa locations, but he has also contributed greatly to the efforts of the National graves registration project. We continue to be keenly aware of our Charge.
Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Peterson
Commander, Iowa Division