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Louisiana Flag

Louisiana Division
Thomas E. Taylor, Commander


As with all Divisions, Louisiana has been struggling with political correctness since the Confederacy was attacked in June of2015. We have had some victories and some losses but we have been in the fight all the way.

The Confederate monuments in the City of New Orleans have been under attack for months but the Beauregard Camp 130 of New Orleans has led the legal charge to keep them in place. At the time of this writing they are all still there and we intend to keep up the fight. State legislators are attempting to get Heritage Defense bills introduced as of this writing.

The SCV wasn't allowed to be in the Natchitoches Christmas Parade because we wouldn't compromise our values as they demanded by not carrying the Confederate Battle Flag. We are currently filing litigation against the city for violating our 1 st and 4th Amendment rights. I feel sure that we will be in that parade next year and the city will pay our legal bills for their transgressions.

The Louisiana Division was successful in thwarting the removal of the Southern Defenders monument in Lake Charles thanks to the efforts of the James W Bryan Camp in Lake Charles. The Alfred Mouton Monument in Lafayette came under attack and members from around the Division rallied to the LCG meeting in defense. Mouton's monument turns out to be safe thanks to a permanent injunction granted to the UDC in 1980.

As with the rest of the Confederation our Division membership has grown because of the outrage that political correctness has caused. We currently stand at 1,136 members with more signing up every week. Two years ago we had 825 members but through diligent efforts by many members and people flocking to the Cause because they can see Southern rights being trampled upon Louisiana has seen steady growth. We have sent in the charter papers for one new camp this year with the Alligator Rangers already meeting and planning new growth.

Camps are participating in sending young folks to the Sam Davis Youth Camp in Texas yearly. Several camps are participating in awarding the H.L. Hunley Award to JROTC programs around the state. The Hunley award is a cheap way to get good public relations for the SCV Although we have lost a couple of schools who traditionally participated in the program more have been added so the number of awards remains fairly constant.

There is a giant flag project underway on 1-49 with the possibility of another project happening on I - 20 in the near future. Legal hassles have delayed I -49 but these are hopefully a thing of the past. We have finally signed all of the papers and now all that is left on I -49 is to cut some trees and raise our giant flag pole.

Louisiana is growing and moving forward and continuing to be an integral part of the Confederation. I have done what I could to lead this Division into the future and can turn over the leadership to a new Division Commander at the reunion in Dallas knowing that I never backed down from a fight and with the hope that the Division is in good hands.

Thomas E. Taylor, Commander
Louisiana Division