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Missouri Flag

Missouri Division
Keith Daleen, Commander


The Missouri Division celebrated another successful year under the leadership of current Past Division Commander Darrell Maples. The Division saw two new camps chartered this past year. The Surgeon John Cravens Camp 2276, and the Major General M. Jeff Thompson Camp 2277. On August 16 we had Missouri Confederate Flag Rally on the steps of the State Capital with more than 300 people in attendance. We celebrated Missouri Secession Day with the Missouri Society on November 7. Lee-Jackson Birthday Dinner was held on January 16. March 5th the Missouri Division held the SCV National Flag Day at the Centralia Battlefield Site.

Compatriot Jack Chance was able to secure the Boone County Confederate Marker that was at the in front of the Boone County Courthouse. The cowardly county commissioners (all small caps for them) voted to have it removed from the courthouse grounds. Compatriot Chance had it placed at the Centralia Battlefield site. That deserves a BIG HOORAH!!

April 9 was the Missouri Division Reunion. We were honored to have Commander-in-ChiefKelly Barrow and son in attendance as well as Ronnie and Donnie Kennedy. We set new attendance records for the business meeting and the dinner. We are happy to report our membership is now more than 540 members! This was also a election year and new officers were elected are as follows. Division Adjutant Don Bowman, Division Lt. Commander Dave Roper, Division Commander Keith Daleen.
Respectfully submitted by,

Keith Daleen
Missouri Division Commander