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Oklahoma Flag

Oklahoma Division
Kenneth H. Cook, Commander


I have been honored and privileged to serve as commander with the 369 men of the Oklahoma Division. These men make up the nineteen camps which have shown an increase in membership of sixteen percent in the last year. The majority of the camps had increases in membership.

Camps had various events to honor our ancestors throughout the division; Confederate Memorial Day, Cross of Honor, Memorial Dedications and a large SCV National Flag Rally event at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The flag rally was attended by upwards of two hundred enthusiastic flag waving Southerners. Scores of eighteen inch stick battle flags were distributed to people who did not bring a flag. The Division flag rally coordinator along with several volunteers and speakers from around the Confederacy crafted an event our ancestors would be very proud of. There were no protesters in attendance.

We did have one incident in Oklahoma City when a deviant poured red paint over a large Confederate monument to our heros. The perpetrator, to date, has not been identified.

Another encouraging trend in our Division is the recruitment of teenage young men in several camps. Some of them taking an active role in guiding their camps.

Looking forward, the division has elected a very good leadership team to carry us to higher achievements in the next two years.
Respectfully submitted,

Allen P. Harrison
Immediate Past Commander
Oklahoma Division