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Pacific Northwest Division
Erik P. Ernst, Commander


The last 12 months have been both challenging and productive in the Pacific NW Division. We had numerous Confederate Flag Rallies at Jefferson Davis Park in Ridgefield, Washington, a Rally in Downtown Eugene, Oregon, and one in Wenatchee, Washington. At each one of these Rallies, we received very positive responses from passersby, and of course the occasional hard core liberal or Yankee giving us the bird. Our camps have put on educational conferences, participated in Parades, presented numerous Hunley Awards, Cemetery cleanups, Confederate Memorial Day services, Fishing Derbies, and much, much more!

One more new camp has been added to the Pacific NW Division, the Rev. Philip Mulkey Camp 2273 of Eugene, OR. Philip Mulkey was a local Eugene area Confederate, who during the war, led a secession movement in Oregon, and organized a militia, which saw some action against local Oregon Union Troops. The new camp is growing rapidly and its membership is very active.

Since the Division was founded in July 2013, we have added two new camps, the first being SCV Camp 2244 in Boise, Idaho and the new camp in Eugene. We now have six active camps in the Pacific NW Division. We are currently working on forming a new camp in western Washington.

In November 2015, Cpl. William Mink Camp 2244 in Boise, Idaho, was host to the 2nd annual SCV Pacific NW Division Convention. We had special guests ATM Commander Charles Lauret and Walter Donnie Kennedy come and speak.

Things are much different here, than in other Divisions in the Scv. The California Division is facing similar issues to ours, and I'm sure others are as well. We are dealing with a violent hardcore liberalism/socialism which is unmatched anywhere in the country. They have no morals, or values, or respect for history. They have no interest in the truth, and only want to embrace outright lies.

My home camp is Camp 458 in Portland, Oregon. It is quite possibly the most demoralizing place to live in, in this country, especially if you are a Christian, Confederate and Conservative. This is the city that has an annual Naked Bike Ride (10,000+ riders), a openly Gay Mayor, tens of thousands of homeless people camping everywhere and more Pornography stores and Strip Clubs than Churches. These are but a few small examples of how Portland is working hard to rival Sodom and Gomorrah. Seattle and Eugene are dealing with very similar problems as well. Even though it's tough here, WE ARE STILL HERE AND WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

Our newest camp in Eugene, Oregon, is deep in the heart of a full blown Liberal city. The members of Camp 2273 have taken a strong stand in an exceptionally hostile city. On March 5th, they held a Rally on the County Courthouse Steps in Downtown Eugene. There was an organized protest against the rally, with hundreds of crazed hardcore Socialist/Communists attending. Our Brothers in Eugene were able to switch their starting time to two hours earlier, so by the time the protestors started showing up, our guys were getting ready to leave. It made the protestors look very foolish and wild stories ran rampant about Camp 2273. Camp 2273 is planning other Rallies this year.

Even though it rough here, there are still a lot of good people around. For the most part, the Pacific NW is a very Conservative area. Once you enter the 1-5 Corridor between Eugene and Seattle, things really change. We may be outnumbered and oppressed, but we have grown stronger because of it. Our members are true Confederates in every way. The dedication to the cause is very strong here, even in the face of ridiculous opposition. We are doing what we can to promote the Confederate Cause of Liberty and spread the truth to the far edges of this land and beyond.

The 2016 Division Convention will be held in Eugene, Oregon, in October. SCV Rev. Philip Mulkey Camp 2273 will be hosting this year's event. We will be having Division elections this year. I will be running for one more term as Division Commander and we have two gentlemen running for Lt. Commander. This year's Convention will be the best one yet. We are hoping to beat our previous attendance numbers this year and also have more activities for everyone to be part of. We would like to encourage members from all over the Confederacy to attend out Convention.

Please pray for us and the rest of the Confederacy. Pray that our Division keeps growing and only does things that are pleasing to the Lord. God is in control and we trust that He will guide us in the right direction.
Thank You,

Erik Ernst, Commander
Pacific NW Division