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Texas Division
Gary D. Bray, Commander

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Greetings Compatriots and welcome to Texas! We are honored to host this year's National Convention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Little did I know in June 2015 when I had the honor of being elected Commander of the Texas Division that in just a few days we would face the largest united front of attacks on all things Confederate since the war. For the most part we in Texas have spent a full year in many battles and have met our enemy's action for action at every attack. We faced attacks on monuments at Court houses around the state and Battle Flags cut from their poles. We faced county judges removing plaques and the removal of grave flags from the very graves of our Confederate dead. My own camp was asked to leave its meeting place and not come back because the owner did not want reporters coming around hurting his business.

From the floor of the National Reunion in Richmond in July I was on the phone working on setting up Pay Pal accounts and fund raisers to fund the many fights around the state. I sent letters to the governor, It. governor and speaker of the house seeking protection of all Confederate monuments on the Capitol grounds due to a "Task force" looking into removal of the monuments. I met with State Rep. James White to look at introducing a bill to create a law protecting "all" monuments in Texas. I spent many hours with the press fighting for our cause and veterans.

I am sure other Division Commanders had the same problem our Texas Division had in having to fight so many battles with so little money. We had to pick our battles and be sure we could see it through to the end. That battle came when the University of Texas at Austin decided to remove a statue of Jefferson Davis. The statue was paid for by a Confederate officer in his bequest to the University so the battle was not only for the honor of Jefferson Davis but also for the honor and wishes of George Washington Littlefield the man who gave the gift and money to the school. We took them to court and lost. We asked for a grant from SCV HQ and received it. With that money we hired a former Texas Supreme Court Justice to head up our legal team and are heading to the Texas Supreme Court with this fight. It is not over by a long shot!

In January we received the news that we could not carry our Battle Flags in the annual Fort Worth Stock Show parade. It seems that our eight or ten Battle Flags upset someone. So we as a Division decided to buy about a thousand Battle Flags stick flags and hand them out to the crowd then march with empty flag poles with black streamers tied to them in protest to the flag ban. That thousand flags looked GREAT! This action was followed with a month long flagging of the Stock show and rodeo with a flyover of a large Battle Flags banner pulled by a plane. A heartfelt thanks to the Compatriots that fought this fight and helped to fund this battle. We won that battle hands down but the war goes on.

The fight continues against school name changes and street name changes but with 268,820 square miles and 254 counties in Texas this is a tough fight! So far we have won or stopped most of this attack and are working in the background to pass laws to stop this hate campaign in its tracks.

Confederate Flag Day the Division showed the flags around the state at various locations and we held a "Rolling Flag Rally" with a good turnout in North Texas. It was a good day to be Confederate Americans. The good news is that we are growing with 11 Brigades, 93 camps and more than 3,000 lean, mean, ready to fight members! During this war to remove Confederate markers and memorials the men of the Texas Division are putting up memorials, markers, monuments and flag poles. We continue to recruit show our flags and teach Confederate history to the people of this nation.

Gary D. Bray
Texas Division Commander